You have stumbled upon the first blog post of Clever is the Fox. Pull up a chair. Let’s have a chat.

I’m not new to the world of blogging. I’ve had two in the past, one at least somewhat successful. But, I have always been fascinated and enamored by lifestyle blogs.

I read a number of lifestyle blogs pretty regularly and there is always something about the layouts, the photos, and the lives that draw you in, make you want to know more about that person. Or is this just me? Lifestyle blogs are similar to carefully curated art pieces. They look so beautiful on the surface, but what sort of stories does the artist have to tell?

Maybe I’m just nosey… but I have always found peering into people’s lives interesting, a non-sexual voyeuristic enjoyment of other humans’ stories. Where did you come from? How did you end up here? But, sometimes, I still find it interesting what album you listened to on the way to work or what cereal you ate this morning. You know, the mundane stuff. The stuff Facebook posts are made of.

I’m looking forward to sharing my life and thoughts- the interesting, the frivolous, or the everyday cereal kinda days. I suppose the blogger is an exhibitionist sort species- on display for your enjoyment.

Enjoy the view!