Taking Stock


Making : A big granny square baby blanket for one of my best friends.
Cooking : Chicken breast and vegetables. In large quantities.
Drinking : Peaberry coffee from San Francisco.
Reading: Reports on Winnipeg Rooming Houses.
Wanting: A car.
Looking: Outside to see if it is raining.
Playing: New records recently bought on trips.
Deciding: Whether to start applying for new jobs or not.
Wishing: I had courage to let it go.
Enjoying: Spending time in my garden plot.
Waiting: For my BFF to get here tomorrow!
Liking: Cool days and nights.
Wondering: What my future holds.
Loving: Text messages that make you smile.
Pondering: My finances.
Considering: Buying a car.
Watching: House on Netflix.
Hoping: For easier times for people in a spot right now.
Marvelling: How much some people care.
Needing: More time out of the city.
Smelling: Lilacs on my walks.
Wearing: Dresses!
Following: Essiebutton & Aslan.
Noticing: Every dog and puppy on the streets.
Knowing: It will be OK.
Thinking: I’m the odd one in the family, not the whole family.
Admiring: My brother’s breakup after a decade long relationship, a house, a long distance move, and a dog.
Sorting: The mess on my kitchen table.
Buying: Watermelon!
Getting: My taxes done.
Bookmarking: Where is the new bookmark button on FIrefox?
Disliking: Grumpy community members.
Opening: Just bills.
Giggling: A my goofy cat.
Feeling: Conflicted and confused about my life and choices.


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