Five: Things to do this (long, rainy) weekend

ImageIf you live in Winnipeg, you are well aware of the amount of rain we have been getting as of late. If you’re Canadian, you know it’s Canada Day weekend. For me, I have an extra long weekend, 2 more days til I go back to work. But, with this rain, I am scrounging around for things to do and maybe you are too? Here we go…

1: Find a comfy seat and marathon a new series on Netflix. Preferably something that lasted several seasons. I’m working my way through Royal Pains right now.

2: Is there a better thing to do while it’s raining than to bake?!? Try a new recipe this weekend while you’re cooped up.

3: Finish up that project you’ve been meaning to get off your kitchen table. For me, it was finishing up the last bits on a crocheted baby blanket for a dear friend.

4: Periodically look out the window in hopes the rain has stopped. Realize it hasn’t. Continue with one of the above mentioned activities.

5: Pull on your boots, grab the umbrella, and brave the outdoors. It has been raining for days, you probably could use the exercise and fresh air. I know I could.


What are you doing this long, rainy weekend?


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