That one room…

I think everyone has that one room in their home they aren’t sure what to do with. It ends up becoming the craft room, an office that doubles as a guest room, or just a plain ol’ junk room where you hide everything you don’t want people to see.

For me, that room is my 3 season sun room. It’s not quite a real bedroom, but it’s also not a patio. It’s a lovely room which I adore spending time in, but it always feels not quite right. Currently, it’s a plant and music lounging room with air conditioning (the only room in the house). In the winter it becomes a storage room for all sorts of strange wonders.

But, I thought it would be fun to ideally redecorate via the internet, just for fun. There’s no way I could afford most of these items ($128 for a pillow?!?!), but it’s nice to think about. Maybe one day…

blog sunroom


I – Wandering Pleats Curtain, turquoise, Anthropologie

II – Wilford Gold Side Table, One Kings Lane

III – Vintage Oushak Handmade Overdyed Rug, Etsy

IV – Spring Rose Sofa, Etsy

V – Abigail Coffee Table, One Kings Lane

VI – Gold Polka Dots Pillow, Etsy
Rose Fur Pillow, Anthropologie
Rose Gold Pillow, Anthropologie

VII – Terrarium, Urban Outfitters

VIII – Oswald Floor Lamp, Anthropologie

IX – Tiny Fawn Print, Etsy


What is that one room in your house?


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