When it gets crisp in the fall…

42468017b7b0d0e9dd1cd729cf1820c1Fall is my favourite season. It is the most beautiful season in my eyes. I find this time of year so calming and centering for my soul. After all, life does start all over again when it gets crisp, doesn’t it darlings? Here are a few things I’m looking forward to…

Drinking perfect Flat Whites with two shots of espresso in the cool morning. Happy an Aussie came into my life to teach me about the existence of this beautiful thing.






Crocheting chunky cowls and scarves to wear.









Crunching fallen leaves under foot.











Dressing in opaque tights and thick cardigans everyday.










And, of course, the first little snowfall. The one that melts when it hits the ground and reminds you to enjoy the time you have left with your beautiful fall while you still can.


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