The Weekdays in Review by Photos

photo 12photo 1






I went back to CKUW after a little summer hiatus. I was rusty, but it was nice to be back on the air playing local music and talking inner city issues.

photo 2 photo 3








Things I found on my walks home:
1-A couple wild mushrooms busting through asphalt in a parking lot. They can handle something like 80x their weight.
2-Kung Fu Vampire Van and Cargo Trailer- I have no idea what this is, but the van had California plates on it.

photo 2 photo 3







I’ve drank a lot of coffee this week. Good coffee too.

photo 4 photo 4






Things with Friends:
My pal Russell is having a little baby girl in a week or so. I made these adorable little booties for her and we went out for some casual Italian at Little Maria’s. If you live in Winnipeg and have not been here, OMG! RUN there now! So amazing and inexpensive. That’s a meatball sub that I had to eat with a knife and fork.


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