FIVE: The Cuteness

Five Graphic

I like writing and curating this blog and the photos that go along with it. I find i so fluffy and carefree that it is really relaxing to come up with posts and find photos to go along with them. And today’s post is no different! I am celebrating stupidly adorable animals I want to steal and frolic with.

This is my future family dog. His name may or may not be Kitchen. Don’t let your imaginary kids name your pet.

How can you not love a Sea Lion? They are loud, fat, and smell bad!   ’nuff said.

I have loved goats since spending the summers on my aunt’s farm. Funnelling baby goats into the barn to be bottle fed with a nippled coca-cola bottle. This is a Pygmy Goat.

This is what I imagine my cat, Sam, would have looked like when he was a kitten. I wonder this a lot for some reason. I got him when he was a year and a half. He is now turning 9 years old.


Weekend of Self-Care

There’s no doubt that we all need to getaway sometimes. I decided to pick up and get out of town last Friday to Kenora. I haven’t spent a lot of time there, but I know it’s beautiful and close. So… I got in this tiny car…






And started to drive!





At some point near the Whiteshell you hit the Canadian Shield. I love this area. The huge rocks and tall, skinny evergreens. It reminds me of the Rockies.






I stayed in a hotel right on the lakeside. Beautiful scenery for someone looking to relax.



IMG_5712 IMG_5714






While heading to get some liquor, I happened across this adorable little dog who was lost. I took her to the vet and they found her owners!





I drank some beer.




IMG_5739 IMG_5748







And was unimpressed by Huskie the Muskie.







I did some rural…

IMG_5758 IMG_5760






…and urban hiking.

IMG_5765IMG_5768 IMG_5766







I did a lot more drinking and made some friends with the locals.



Which included the owner of the brew pub and a beautiful 23 year old boy. Swoon!

Safe to say I had somewhat of a hangover and no regrets dancing and drinking with young’uns. After I sufficiently nursed my headache and woozies with the mandated cure of greasy food and strong coffee, it was time to head home.

I’m slightly refreshed. Not entirely, but enough for now.

Grad School Applications vs Online Dating Profiles

I have a month and a half before I have to submit my grad school application. There are several steps to the application, but one of the most important pieces is my statement of intent.

A statement of intent is a paper on who you are in an academic and career sense. Why you deserve to be in grad school, what has led you to this decision, etc. Its purpose is to persuade admissions that you will be a good choice for the school and will serve your career field positively in the future. Heavy, right? Tell me about it!

Many say it is the hardest thing you will ever have to write, so far… it is shaping up that way. It could be because I detest talking about myself. If you’ve just met me, you’re likely going to be talking about yourself all night and not even realize it. But, I can’t pull that trick on the grad school admissions board.

When I got to thinking about it… this application has a lot of similarities to online dating profiles- which I have also been writing these days.

Both pieces you’re trying hard to sell yourself. You’re trying the present your best self, that self you could be if you actually did those activities you listed more than once.

The purpose of writing both the statement and the profile is to stand out from the pack and have someone choose you. Whether they choose your CV from a pile of 100 other or choose to message you rather than the 300 other women who have your similar traits and demographics. It’s almost like a cat show.

The statement is about your future- where you will be and where you are going in the next few years. And, depending on what you’re looking for in the dating scene, you could be thinking about your future, where you’ll be in the next 10 years, and who you’ll be with.

And finally, the uncertainty. I’m submitting my statement to the University online. Once I press send, I have no control over it anymore. I’ll be on pins and needles for months with all sorts of doubts popping up in my mind- I’m not smart enough… I don’t have enough experience behind me… Did I even submit it properly?!? With the online profile… so much uncertainty all the time. What is interesting? What do I even like to do? Do people care about the fact I like coffee way too much? Which photo- the candid or the selfie?

Which ever way you look at it, talking about yourself is something you have to master at some point in your life. I haven’t figured out the secret of how to do that yet, but I’m getting there.

However, I DO know I’m taking the statement of intent incredibly serious and for good reason. The online dating- with all the lame pickup lines and dick pics, not taking that seriously in the least. With very good reason.

The beauty in beer labels

I’m a terrible sucker for packaging and advertising. I’m also a sucker for a delicious India Pale Ale. I’ve compiled the most beautiful labels I could find. If you have these brews near you, let me know if the insides match the outsides.


A bit of art deco design in this one.

I love Ralph Steadman’s art. He’s been designing labels for this brewery for some time now.

This is a graphic artist’s dream label. Beautiful.

This just reminds me of Portland. Must be the chubby little deer.

I think this one kinda says it all. Barrel, hops, wheat, hot chick. Beer in a nutshell.











And I couldn’t get away with not including a fox.

Perfect, Little Families

Families come in all shapes. I should know… my family is crazy and a bit broken. But, it works the best way it can. These adorable families look like they are just perfect. I’m starting to look forward to having a little family of my own one day.

The hair! The bow ties! Just lovely.

Even the dog is cool.

These guys just look like they are having the best road trip ever. They also kinda dress alike- that’s a sign you have been together for a long time.

Simple, beautiful wedding. Beautiful couple.

Don’t know what is happening here. But it’s probably fun.

Look at that kid! Just way too fuckin’ cute!