FIVE: The Cuteness

Five Graphic

I like writing and curating this blog and the photos that go along with it. I find i so fluffy and carefree that it is really relaxing to come up with posts and find photos to go along with them. And today’s post is no different! I am celebrating stupidly adorable animals I want to steal and frolic with.

This is my future family dog. His name may or may not be Kitchen. Don’t let your imaginary kids name your pet.

How can you not love a Sea Lion? They are loud, fat, and smell bad!   ’nuff said.

I have loved goats since spending the summers on my aunt’s farm. Funnelling baby goats into the barn to be bottle fed with a nippled coca-cola bottle. This is a Pygmy Goat.

This is what I imagine my cat, Sam, would have looked like when he was a kitten. I wonder this a lot for some reason. I got him when he was a year and a half. He is now turning 9 years old.


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