Musicians and Cats Being Sexy (or trying to be anyway)

Here’s a silly post as a prelude to a more serious one to come.

Men and their cats. Is there anything more sexy? Okay… there are many things more sexy. But this collection of musicians with their kitty cats still makes me feel all giddy and only some slight attraction.

jacksonThis was probably not that out of the ordinary for Michael.

mccartneyWhile doing this photo search, I came across a photo of every one of the Beatles with a cat.

morrisseyThere are so many photos of Morrissey with cats that there is an entire Tumblr devoted to it.

stewartRod Stewart. If you think he’s sexy when he’s singing, check him out naked, in bed, with a siamese cat. /Swoon

bowieAnd saving the best for last. I don’t know what or why this is happening… but I’m so glad it did.
Thanks Dave & Kitty Stardust, for all that you do.


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