Taking Stock 002

2Making : Christmas gifts, so many of them- crocheted items, cross stitched, polymer jewelry, photos transferred to canvas
Cooking : Cuban Black Beans & Coconut Rice and slow cooker steel cut oats in HUGE quantities
Drinking : Caramel flavoured Baileys in coffee each morning
Reading : Reports on homelessness and the housing first model
Wanting : To be accepted into my MSW program in Calgary
Looking : For new romance
Playing : The new Taylor Swift video over and over

Deciding : How to change my life for the better
Wishing : I had more energy to do more things
Enjoying : Seeing how creative I am
Waiting : To make plans for my future
Liking : Mentoring four students this season
Wondering : If my new small business is worth the work
3Loving : The passion in my community
Pondering : Lost love
Considering : moving without admission to my program
Watching : Criminal Minds, Hello Dr. Spencer Reid…
Hoping : My Aussie doc who has returned to Canada will actually visit me this season like he says
Marveling : At the amount of slang I do not know
Needing : A puppy in my life
Smelling : Christmas scents of balsam and sugar cookies- candles that is.
Wearing : Blundstones. Every damn day since October. And dark lipsticks.
Following : Daily Sammy – my fave Internet pup
Noticing : It’s my 10 year anniversary with West Broadway, it’s getting serious…
Knowing : I’m not a basic bitch
Thinking : About the panel presentation I have to make to the CHRA membership
Admiring : The proposal I wrote to the Federal government to fund my program
Sorting : My life and downsizing my junk.
Buying : Art supplies
Getting : Anxious for my holidays
Bookmarking : Ideas for new programming in the new year for low income folks
Disliking : Having to say good-bye to two rough and tumble clients who I got to know over 3+ years
Opening : Christmas cards in the mail, nice to know who cares about you enough to send one
Giggling : Dog subtly decides better driver
Feeling : A lot of emotional highs and lows


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