Mom’s Ugly Ornaments: A Country Christmas

I’m out on the farm for Christmas. Just outside of Warren, MB. It’s okay if you haven’t heard of it, not many people have. The homestead is just off Highway 227, the lesser known cousin of the Interlake’s Highway 6.

Anyway, every year I am in awe of how hideously awesome my mom’s tree is. Keep in mind, my mom keeps everything- she’s been using the same tinsel since the 80s (yes, she still uses tinsel)!

Here are this year’s nominees for Ugliest Ornament. You guys pick the winner in the comments!

No Face Angel

Gizmo Santa (to be honest, this one is amazing, Mogwai fo Lyfe!)

This GUY?!?!

Evil Snowy Owl

Decked-Out Sebastian & Flounder


And just in case you have never seen a tinsel bomb go off, here ya go!

Merry Holidays, folks!


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