The Beauty in Beer Labels: Part II, Stouts

This is a series I started back in October in ode to the design of beer labels. I think the beauty and art of beer labels are overlooked when we talk about craft beer. We are always focused on the taste, the smell, ABVs and IBUs. But, just as beer brewing is an art, labels are art as well.Competition is fierce on the shelves in beer stores and packaging is a big part of being successful.

Here is Part I, India Pale Ales, in case you missed it.

This post will focus on Stout labels.

I think I’m drawn to the red and the background in this label. It’s like a bear silhouette in space.

This label is a redesign of an original 1886 label by the same company. The company was founded by an England ex-pat in Australia. It is a very English type label, but has a simplicity to it which I imagine is the Australian influence. I love the “brewed from best materials only”.

This label is actually a removable badge. The brew and the label was created in collaboration for BC Craft Beer Week by five different breweries. It is supposed to represent the spirit of collaboration and West Coast camaraderie.

What is this? It’s a cuddly kitten squeezing terrified dinosaurs. Aptly named BIG HUGS. I bet this sells very well.

I think this is my favourite label I found while doing this search.

It’s a black on black bottle with touches of prism foil. It’s embossed with Morse Code which allows for the minimalist packaging. Texture and mystery… I’m in!

Hope you enjoyed this installment of the beer series. Have you found any beautiful labels lately?


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