“Friends”… hitting a bit too close to home

I’ve been watching Friends on Netflix (as many people hovering around my age have been lately). When this show came on the air I was only around 11 years old or so and I couldn’t relate to much of anything that the characters were going through in the weekly episodes. I had never been without a job, had a roommate, or been on a relationship “break”.

But now, I am 30, rewatching these episodes and coming across some circumstances I can actually relate to. Most recently, I watched the episode where all the friends turn 30 and Rachael comes to terms with being in a place where she has to make some pretty heavy decisions. See below, you only have to watch to the 2 minute mark.

The plan. What is the plan? I had a plan at one point, but things happened to throw it off track and I’m now exactly where Rachael is- finding myself in the middle of having to make some very difficult decisions about life, future, and family. If only i had five wacky characters to rally around me and make it all okay. Oh well. I’ll figure it out as I go.


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