The state of my workspace

I’m lucky enough to have my own private office in a building with around 10 other staff members. At my job, my days are never the same and never, ever boring. Sometimes there isn’t enough hours to get the work done and ensure my space is presentable. Sometimes my desk holds 5 empty, but used, coffee cups. Other times, I have a mile-high pile of articles to read. I’m getting better at filing and documenting in Word/Excel, but I still struggle with my physical space. Keeping it tidy and organized.

Here’s a little glimpse into my work space- meticulously un-curated, as is, on an average day.



What’s your work space like? Tidy or similar to mine?


The Worst of Tinder, Part I

The face you put forward in your online dating profile is very important if you want to be successful. I mean “face” in a literal way- the photo you use in your profile is much more important than anything you might write about yourself. The photo is the first thing anyone sees and if it does not catch eyes or is poorly chosen, you’re not going to have a good experience on these sites.

So, I’ve gone ahead and gathered some profile photos from the incredibly shallow dating app Tinder to demonstrate what makes a terribly awful profile photo. See below!

FullSizeRender#1- Be sure to include your ENTIRE face, take the photo is some type of light, and make sure it is focus.

FullSizeRender#2- Try to not use props that make you look like a serial killer.

FullSizeRender#3- If you’re using a singles site, don’t broadcast the fact that you are married.

FullSizeRender#4- Try to not be an inanimate object. Fire hydrants can’t use the internet, nor can they date.

FullSizeRender#5- If you are in fact a movie poster, attempt to zoom in on a face on your poster. Long shots are deceptive and difficult for potential mates to distinguish who is the user in the photo.

FullSizeRender#6- If you do live in a Cool World type of dimension, try to limit the amount of ridiculous animations you display in your photo. This can put some people off, especially those who are not into cartoon-human relations.

News about the Imposter Syndrome

Good news- I feel a lot less depressed lately.

Less than good news- I feel very beat down in some aspects of my life.

I was speaking to a friend very briefly today about how I feel I’m not measuring up. How every time I think I’ve done something exceptional, it seems to come back to me as having actually done a stupid thing or the wrong thing instead.

And these thoughts got me thinking about the Imposter Syndrome.

“a psychological phenomenon in which people are unable to internalize their accomplishments. Despite external evidence of their competence, those with the syndrome remain convinced that they are frauds and do not deserve the success they have achieved.”

I’ve always said to myself and to other people with similar feelings “fake it til you make it, because no one else knows what they’re doing either.” But the latter part of that saying is the hardest to believe. Why does everyone seem to know more or be better at things? Why do I, and others with the same feelings, feel like we’re not measuring up all the time? I don’t believe it’s that we are not measuring up, but we are exaggerating everyone else’s success. Not to mention others are also exaggerating their own success to impress.

Interestingly enough, impostor syndrome is particularly common among high-achieving women. Of course,  I’m not going to call myself “high-achieving” because I don’t see myself that way… and that’s probably a bit of that Imposter talking. But why, as women, are we constantly second guessing our success and intelligence? Is it because women are still earning 70-80% less than what men earn? Or is it because affirmative action is practiced and we aren’t completely sure if we were the best candidate for the job?

Case in point, when I have to do public speaking I always feel like a blithering idiot. I get so nervous! But when I hear the recording or watch the video of me speaking, it does not sound the way I thought it sounded when the words were spewing out in what I thought was a jumbled mess! I get compliments from people who were listening/watching and I just assume they are being overly nice and trying to make me feel better.

I don’t have any answers on how you can feel less like a failure in life. But, when you start getting those feelings take a minute to step outside of your head and really take a look at yourself and your perceived failures. Also, remember that many of the people you may be comparing yourself to could be “in the middle of their story” while you’re “only at beginning of your story”. I often find I’m comparing myself to people 10 years older than me because we are colleagues or I respect them, their intelligence, and what they do. That’s really not fair to me when they’ve had an extra decade to gather knowledge and have learning experiences.

If all else fails, listen to April Ludgate.

Anyone else feel like an imposter sometimes? 

The hokey sentimentalism of vintage valentines

I have a confession… I love vintage Valentine’s. They are the most tacky, corny, punny things you will ever see in your life… but they are also too cute for words. I’ve compiled a few of my faves here for you. The best ones are the kind with two puns on one card. If I got one of these in the mail (yes like the kind with a stamp), I would be too ecstatic for words.

The stable world of candy

I came across a page which a Facebook friend had shared today. If you are an 80s kid you’ll remember the candy Bonkers. It was a chewy fruit candy with a soft centre. Similar to Starburst, but way, way better. Anyway, the FB page indicated that Bonkers was making a return to market and it got me thinking of all the candy I would stare at on the shelves as a kid. How me and my brother would be in the general store waiting for mom and she would let us pick out a box or a roll each or something that caught our eye. We’d eat it in the car on the way home from town and Bonkers was a big one for us.

It brought back some nice memories of car trips to the beach or cottage in our old station wagon. So, I thought I would share some candy favourites with you in hopes of jogging your memories and bringing back some good times.

And here is the candy that started this whole post.

Nerds and their much less popular “cousins” Dweebs.

I remember eating this at the lake a lot and always eating the stick faster than the powder.

This is basically Kool-Aid inside wax which you bite to open. Candy wax is a theme for me.

Of course, wax lips. Cherry flavoured wax… mmmmm.

My mom used to buy this gum (in a pink wrapper) for us in giant bags at Superstore. It had the lamest comics inside (think Family Circus-esque).

I remember eating this in the summers. I believe this is still around. Anyone know?

Soda pop flavoured kinda powdery candy with a bit of a fizzy kick. I actually found these at Dollar Tree last year and bought a box for nostalgia sake.

Pic-a-Pop. Now this made a comeback a few years ago, but then disappeared once again. Well, I was doing some grocery shopping at Co-op yesterday and saw a whole wall of it! Now it has a resealable lid.

Most of these candies are still around or making a comeback. It made me realize the world of candy is relatively stable and does not change a whole lot. Your favourites will likely be around for a long time.

Did any of these candies/sodas jog your memory of your childhood like they did for me?

Let me know which ones were your favourite!

A case of the Mondays

Poor Monday. No one likes you. I’m so sorry.
Of course Grumpy cat has something to say on this subject.

I haven’t drank coffee in almost a month. But, in 9 days I get to start drinking it again. Excited!

I suppose if you are a nurse, you don’t mind crocs so much… but I bet you still hate Mondays.

Now, time for a little Monday encouragement!

I don’t get the minion fascination, but they have the right attitude.

Even on Groundhog Day (today), Bill still knows you can kick the day’s ass.

Best of all, if nothing else… Be kind. For we are all fighting the good fight against Monday.

How was your Monday?