The stable world of candy

I came across a page which a Facebook friend had shared today. If you are an 80s kid you’ll remember the candy Bonkers. It was a chewy fruit candy with a soft centre. Similar to Starburst, but way, way better. Anyway, the FB page indicated that Bonkers was making a return to market and it got me thinking of all the candy I would stare at on the shelves as a kid. How me and my brother would be in the general store waiting for mom and she would let us pick out a box or a roll each or something that caught our eye. We’d eat it in the car on the way home from town and Bonkers was a big one for us.

It brought back some nice memories of car trips to the beach or cottage in our old station wagon. So, I thought I would share some candy favourites with you in hopes of jogging your memories and bringing back some good times.

And here is the candy that started this whole post.

Nerds and their much less popular “cousins” Dweebs.

I remember eating this at the lake a lot and always eating the stick faster than the powder.

This is basically Kool-Aid inside wax which you bite to open. Candy wax is a theme for me.

Of course, wax lips. Cherry flavoured wax… mmmmm.

My mom used to buy this gum (in a pink wrapper) for us in giant bags at Superstore. It had the lamest comics inside (think Family Circus-esque).

I remember eating this in the summers. I believe this is still around. Anyone know?

Soda pop flavoured kinda powdery candy with a bit of a fizzy kick. I actually found these at Dollar Tree last year and bought a box for nostalgia sake.

Pic-a-Pop. Now this made a comeback a few years ago, but then disappeared once again. Well, I was doing some grocery shopping at Co-op yesterday and saw a whole wall of it! Now it has a resealable lid.

Most of these candies are still around or making a comeback. It made me realize the world of candy is relatively stable and does not change a whole lot. Your favourites will likely be around for a long time.

Did any of these candies/sodas jog your memory of your childhood like they did for me?

Let me know which ones were your favourite!


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