The Worst of Tinder, Part I

The face you put forward in your online dating profile is very important if you want to be successful. I mean “face” in a literal way- the photo you use in your profile is much more important than anything you might write about yourself. The photo is the first thing anyone sees and if it does not catch eyes or is poorly chosen, you’re not going to have a good experience on these sites.

So, I’ve gone ahead and gathered some profile photos from the incredibly shallow dating app Tinder to demonstrate what makes a terribly awful profile photo. See below!

FullSizeRender#1- Be sure to include your ENTIRE face, take the photo is some type of light, and make sure it is focus.

FullSizeRender#2- Try to not use props that make you look like a serial killer.

FullSizeRender#3- If you’re using a singles site, don’t broadcast the fact that you are married.

FullSizeRender#4- Try to not be an inanimate object. Fire hydrants can’t use the internet, nor can they date.

FullSizeRender#5- If you are in fact a movie poster, attempt to zoom in on a face on your poster. Long shots are deceptive and difficult for potential mates to distinguish who is the user in the photo.

FullSizeRender#6- If you do live in a Cool World type of dimension, try to limit the amount of ridiculous animations you display in your photo. This can put some people off, especially those who are not into cartoon-human relations.


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