Looking Ahead… to Spring

The weather has finally made its way to +1 C and it seems like the whole city is out and enjoying the long awaited arrival of spring. Winnipeg has some brutal winters, but those long months enduring the cold and windchill seem to fade into a distant memory when the sun finally reappears and warms to ground enough to melt the snow into puddles of shimmery, dirty water on the sidewalks.

I’m incredibly relieved and excited that spring time weather is finally here and I’m looking forward to so many things, like…

Planning my garden. What I’ll plant and looking forward to digging in the ground and feeling good about what comes out of it.

Wearing rubber boots and feeling awkward while I do so… but also happy because my feet are dry!

My absolute favourite part of spring is the abundance and short-lived lilac season.

The return of wildlife- rabbits, squirrels, even neigbourhood cats are coming out of hiding and enjoying the weather.

The sight of tulips popping out of the ground so unexpected with their burst of colours.

I think this whole city is singing with the promise of spring. Let’s hope this March lamb stays put and no lion visits us at the end of the month.


What do you love about spring?


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