Alberta’s Affair with Deborah Drever

A little background for you:

On May 5th, 2015, there was a Provincial election held in Alberta. The Province has been hit with some tough times recently with the surplus of oil and low barrel prices- a lot of layoffs and a lot of uncertainty for many citizens.

The election brought into power a change in government (the New Democratic Party) to replace the 44 year long, some would say “corrupt” and overly confident, Progressive-Conservatives.

The NDP won by a landslide that night and history was made. However, the morning after the election, some new history was made for one certain 26 year old woman- the new MLA for the Calgary-Bow riding- Deborah Drever (pictured below). Drever is a sociology student at Mount Royal University in Calgary an without a doubt a paper candidate for the NDP. They needed a name on that ballot and she fit the bill as well as any of the other people acting as token opposition.

Deborah has caused quite the stir in the media after several photos of her were dug up from social media accounts as well as those of her friends. A disparaging Twitter account was made, she became a hashtag, petitions were started to remove her as MLA, and the media can’t seem to get enough of this story. I even received a forward email where her lacking resume was laid out for all to see and scrutinize.

The photos and the judgement from the public just keeps coming. The reactions seem to be split- people are either absolutely and unbelieveably outraged by the photos or people really don’t care or see the big deal. Of course those who are outraged have the loudest, most grating voices… can we say squeaky wheel?

Politicians are people and sometimes we may forget that. They have a past, clean or spotted- just like the rest of us. In my opinion, it is better to have a relateable person who deals with the same problems and barriers that I do representing me at the Provincial level. I can’t say a rich, white dude who blames people for their own misfortunes would be able to bring our issues to the Legislative in an accurate and beneficial way. (Besides, MLAs who aren’t in the cabinet don’t tend to do all that much. Senior government staff really do the heavy lifting).

Believe it or not kiddies, there was once a time when social media didn’t exist and if you got into trouble or did something stupid, no one would know about it, just you and your friends maybe. But now, we are able to put our lives on display if we so choose- and many of us do. I have a blog, I’m on display. Five years ago, Drever never imagined herself being in this position. How could she? We are in a digital age and things have changed a lot since Lougheed or Klein were premier. We can expect this type of thing to continue happening with more photos or posts coming out and being judged by someone else’s morals and values.

Deb is who she is. She has no doubt learned the importance of privacy through this whole ordeal that just keeps smacking her in the face. I hope this will give her the drive and determination to prove all her haters and bullies wrong.

I’m standing behind Deborah Drever. Good luck, sister.