Pure Joy

I’ve been feeling really good these last couple months. It’s a welcome change from the tight, little ball of anxiety I had become over the last year.

I’ve been having these moments… I want to call them small epiphanies and they just remind me how good life actually is. They make me smile, give me a little bouncy step. I also tend to bob my head a bit- mostly because there’s generally music playing during these moments.

These small epiphanies go something like this…

♥ Walking on my residential street in the inner city
♥ Big, full, old trees swaying in a light breeze
♥ Listening to some old Joel Plaskett song
♥ Smell of lilacs, peonies
♥ Saying hi to cats sitting on their front porch
♥ People passing by walking their dogs that seem to be smiling at me

I smile, walk on. Think about how much I love this town and how good that moment feels. Just like Joel’s song says, “there’s a reason that I love this town.” Actually, there’s many reasons and they all make me smile.


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