The Beauty in Beer Labels, Part 3: Cat Themed Beer

She returns! Where have I been? Well, I’ll tell you in another post. I wanted to get back to some fun first.

This is a series I started back in October 2014 looking at fun and interesting beer labels. Design is not necessarily thought of when we talk craft beer, however, it’s a big part of sales. Good labels will sell just like people buy alcohol with funny names “just for fun” or as a gift.

If you want to see the previous posts:
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This installment is cat-themed beer.

I like sour ales and I like cats… this cat looks so evil/regal and his hair is to die for.

I think I am drawn to the name of this beer- Cat Nap. Unfortunately I would never buy this because it is 3.6%… seems like a waste.

At first, I would think this was a sake can. I don’t think sake comes in cans though. I like the colours as it reminds me of a Mondrian painting crossed with a Picasso.

I don’t quite get this but wanted to include because it was so different. What other worldliness is the third eye perceiving? Why the joke collar? I also think there was a missed opportunity to make a pun with “tall tales”. I won’t say it.

Now this is a fave of mine. This is one I would buy just for the label. Plus it’s an IPA, so that makes it even better. I do not qualify as a crazy cat lady because I have one cat. The official definition includes 3+ cats.

Now, I think this one takes the cake… Hello Kitty branded fruit beer. Not sure who the market is on this one, but it can easily be mistaken for soda. There might be a lot of tipsy juniors hanging around Tokyo. The Atlantic did an article on this beer. They think the branding is genius.

And just for fun… here’s my cat Sam. He doesn’t drink… he’s straight edgexxx.

Look for more posts coming soon… I promise. Blogging is a nice for silly little outlet for things that make me feel good rather than constant politics bickering, researching sad things, writing papers, etc.  Thanks for reading (if anyone actually does).


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