All About Her

HerI’m a 30 year old woman trying to figure out how to pull all the pieces of my life together in a positive way. It’s a jigsaw baby, and I’m working on the corner pieces first (Mates of State reference there, kids).

I live in a somewhat larger city with my giant, fluffy, part Maine Coon rescue kitty (but he doesn’t like to be labelled as a victim). His name is Sam and is pretty much one of the greatest loves of my life. Platonic love, of course.

We live in a small, one-bedroom, ultra girly apartment in a pretty trendy area of town known for authentic Italian gelato and hip bars/lounges. After moving around way too much over the last 10 years, I am happy to be in this space for a solid 2 years.



Why do you want to read about my life? I have no idea! I feel a little one-off from the rest of this society sometimes. I like strange things, like pairing mycology and  kayaking. Or vinyl records and kitchen fermentation.  I’m overly genuine and often care too much about other people, it sometimes gets me into trouble.

My 20s have been filled with major loop-de-loops which I have managed to escape only slightly scarred. I’ve entered my 30s with no idea what to expect, a lot worrisome, and a little nostalgic.

Read on if you like journeys accompanied by pretty pictures, pondering, and a life in transition.

xo Jovan



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