The 5 Ways to Procrastinate

Hi folks!

Long time, no post! Isn’t that they way?

I have had the busiest couple of weeks. I was mainly busy because I am terrible at organizing my time and planning my actions. I fell super behind on my school work, even though that was the number one thing I had to do on my list!

I ended up with one extension for a 20 page policy paper, an awesome Strategic Plan, an infuriating non-profit budgeting assignment, disecting a narrative therapy session, and what I feel is a poorly written journal article appraisal. Guess we’ll see in a few weeks how those all turn out.

I started thinking of all the things I was doing that were really unimportant but were pushing school work further down the list. I thought I’d share and see if you can relate. But, I must admit, this blog post has been sitting in drafts for awhile now… so I even procrastinated this blog post about procrastinating.

5 Best Ways to Procrastinate 

Organize your Spice Cupboard
Yes, I decided to do this instead of write the paper that was looming over me. Ièm not sure why I decided this was important… I guess I was tired of digging around and having things fall all over me. However, it is  mess again and in need of organizing… guess Ièll wait til I have another assignment due.

Buzzfeed Videos
These are a huge time suck since they just keep linking you to more hilarious videos.

Start dating someone. You’ll want to spend all your free time with him rather than solving social problems.

Old Series on Netflix
Find an old series you love on Netflix and start watching all the seasons for the 4th or 5th time.

Re-pot all your plants
After all, you have been wanting to do this forever. You have the soil, the new pots. Might as well!

Alright folks, there you have it. Five great ways to procrastinate… now get to it! 


Things I Love, A to M

Above is Robert Rauschenberg, an American artist best known for his Combine paintings. He is a major influence for me and my work. I got a chance to see one of his pieces up close in Chicago. It was amazing and a moment I will remember forever.

obs Burgers
I’ve mentioned this show before and its ability to absolutely KILL me sometimes. I’m convinced Tina Belcher is my spirit animal and I find Linda Belcher’s vocabulary sneaking into my everyday life. “Alriiiiight!”

I had a hard time with the C category. But I finally decided on coffee. I drink coffee pretty much everyday and I can be kind of a nerdy snob about it sometimes. For example, I (a less asshole word for ‘lecture’) coworkers on why you need to pour the coffee out of the french press and into a decanter. They just don’t get it.

I’ve started accumulating deer related items over the last few years. Look at that cute wobbly little guy!

arl Grey Tea
As much as I love coffee, I also love tea. Lately, I’ve been drinking mostly Earl Grey. A real classic.

Now, you probably thought I was going to say foxes. I do love foxes, but thought I would go for the unexpected here. Fermentation is a fascinating process of preserving with bacteria cultures. It’s really good for you too. I’ve recently made fermented cucumbers and kombucha. I’ve been doing this type of preserving for several years now.

I’ve been gardening for decades. I grew up on a farm and we always had a big garden and I loved seeing what could be produced from one little plant. When I moved into Winnipeg, I discovered community gardening and was able to keep the tradition of growing my own food alive.

Hudson Bay stripes
There is just something about the stripes that feels like home. I don’t know what it is. It could be remembering all those times spent wandering around the beautiful Bay Downtown store, looking at all the furniture we couldn’t afford but could dream about.

It’s no secret that I love Instagram. Check out my page from the sidebar. It’s a great way to share your life with people you don’t see often or don’t necessarily have time to talk to everyday. It’s also a great way to show off my feet. I do that a lot.

ulia Child
She’s seemed like such a wonderful woman. Off-beat and ahead of her time. Also, completely fearless and not afraid to make a mistake or look like a fool. I’ve definitely used this above omelet method and it definitely works.

Kettlebells originated in Russia and were originally used to weigh crops. This is one of those love/hate things actually. I love them because they are fun to use and it is an amazing workout for short amounts of time. But holy hell! Is it ever a hard workout.

I mentioned this in my last post about what I was looking forward to in spring. It is one of those simple pleasure that only lasts a few weeks and then they are gone til next year. I stop and smell these babies every chance I get. Gotta enjoy them while you can.

It's locally foraged shaggy manes for dinner tonight. #winnipeg #mushrooms #foraging

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Picking mushrooms is a great summer time hobby. Last year, as wet as it was, produced a ton of mushrooms around my area of town. No one else is going to pick them, so I did. I do a lot of research into which are good and bad to make sure I won’t die. Everyone thinks they will die if they eat a wild mushroom, but if you tell them otherwise… they will take all your mushrooms! Never reveal your foraging spots!

That’s all for Things I Love A to M, next up will be N-Z. But before that appears, I’ll be writing Things I Hate A to M. Stay tuned!

Looking Ahead… to Spring

The weather has finally made its way to +1 C and it seems like the whole city is out and enjoying the long awaited arrival of spring. Winnipeg has some brutal winters, but those long months enduring the cold and windchill seem to fade into a distant memory when the sun finally reappears and warms to ground enough to melt the snow into puddles of shimmery, dirty water on the sidewalks.

I’m incredibly relieved and excited that spring time weather is finally here and I’m looking forward to so many things, like…

Planning my garden. What I’ll plant and looking forward to digging in the ground and feeling good about what comes out of it.

Wearing rubber boots and feeling awkward while I do so… but also happy because my feet are dry!

My absolute favourite part of spring is the abundance and short-lived lilac season.

The return of wildlife- rabbits, squirrels, even neigbourhood cats are coming out of hiding and enjoying the weather.

The sight of tulips popping out of the ground so unexpected with their burst of colours.

I think this whole city is singing with the promise of spring. Let’s hope this March lamb stays put and no lion visits us at the end of the month.


What do you love about spring?

The hokey sentimentalism of vintage valentines

I have a confession… I love vintage Valentine’s. They are the most tacky, corny, punny things you will ever see in your life… but they are also too cute for words. I’ve compiled a few of my faves here for you. The best ones are the kind with two puns on one card. If I got one of these in the mail (yes like the kind with a stamp), I would be too ecstatic for words.

Famous Authors and the Perils of Happiness

Instead of those lame ol’ inspirational quotes people post on their Facebook and such- you know the type. “Live, Laugh, Love. ” or “You’re only as happy as you make your mind up to be.” You know, that crap… I thought I would post some great quotes of some of my favourite authors talking about happiness. It’s not all fuzzy rainbows when real people talk about happiness or life fulfillment, that’s why I love these quotes. They don’t make me feel bad about myself, they just seem relateable. Hope you can relate too!

Mark Twain

Papa Hemingway

Chuck Palahniuk

Kurt Vonnegut

If you want to read more authors talking about happiness, this post was inspired by this list- 40 Authors on How to Be Happy

Tell me which one you like best! 


The Beauty in Beer Labels: Part II, Stouts

This is a series I started back in October in ode to the design of beer labels. I think the beauty and art of beer labels are overlooked when we talk about craft beer. We are always focused on the taste, the smell, ABVs and IBUs. But, just as beer brewing is an art, labels are art as well.Competition is fierce on the shelves in beer stores and packaging is a big part of being successful.

Here is Part I, India Pale Ales, in case you missed it.

This post will focus on Stout labels.

I think I’m drawn to the red and the background in this label. It’s like a bear silhouette in space.

This label is a redesign of an original 1886 label by the same company. The company was founded by an England ex-pat in Australia. It is a very English type label, but has a simplicity to it which I imagine is the Australian influence. I love the “brewed from best materials only”.

This label is actually a removable badge. The brew and the label was created in collaboration for BC Craft Beer Week by five different breweries. It is supposed to represent the spirit of collaboration and West Coast camaraderie.

What is this? It’s a cuddly kitten squeezing terrified dinosaurs. Aptly named BIG HUGS. I bet this sells very well.

I think this is my favourite label I found while doing this search.

It’s a black on black bottle with touches of prism foil. It’s embossed with Morse Code which allows for the minimalist packaging. Texture and mystery… I’m in!

Hope you enjoyed this installment of the beer series. Have you found any beautiful labels lately?

Christmas gifts I totally DO NOT need, but also totally DO NEED!

I heard you’re looking for some last minute gift ideas for me. Well, look no further… JUST KIDDING!

Either way, the following hopeful gifts are things I really don’t need… I can live without them… but I also don’t really want to live without them because they are so ridiculously me.

Carbonation System
And no, I do not mean one of those wimpy Soda Stream things. I have a strange personality where I find things like this way better than the prim and proper little Soda Stream. This system also demonstrates that I can build things with my own hands and that is badass.

Cat Skeleton Candle

This is just ridiculous and that’s why I do not and totally do need it.

Colour Wheel Necklace
I’ve recently been determined by doctors to have a mild case of tritanopia, which is a type of colour blindness or colour deficiency. I thought this little trinket would be a good reminder to question what I’m seeing and if I am having a difficult time telling what colour a sweater or lipstick is, to ask the salesperson (I’ve been submitting myself to this a lot lately).

Modern Phonograph
I love the looks of copper horns on phonographs. I hope to own one some day. Until then, this little knock-off will have to do.

Shroom Box
If you follow me on Instagram, you know I like to do a lot of foraging in the warmer months. I used to pick mushrooms around the farm when I was a kid around the overly wet drainage ditches and in the wooded area around our homestead. This summer, I did a lot of wild mushroom foraging inside city limits. I was shocked at all the varieties I found just within a 3 block radius from where I live. This thing looks so cool and I could grow the varieties I like that are not indigenous to the Prairies.

What things have you seen lately that are kinda useless, but you still want them anyway?

FIVE: The Cuteness

Five Graphic

I like writing and curating this blog and the photos that go along with it. I find i so fluffy and carefree that it is really relaxing to come up with posts and find photos to go along with them. And today’s post is no different! I am celebrating stupidly adorable animals I want to steal and frolic with.

This is my future family dog. His name may or may not be Kitchen. Don’t let your imaginary kids name your pet.

How can you not love a Sea Lion? They are loud, fat, and smell bad!   ’nuff said.

I have loved goats since spending the summers on my aunt’s farm. Funnelling baby goats into the barn to be bottle fed with a nippled coca-cola bottle. This is a Pygmy Goat.

This is what I imagine my cat, Sam, would have looked like when he was a kitten. I wonder this a lot for some reason. I got him when he was a year and a half. He is now turning 9 years old.

The beauty in beer labels

I’m a terrible sucker for packaging and advertising. I’m also a sucker for a delicious India Pale Ale. I’ve compiled the most beautiful labels I could find. If you have these brews near you, let me know if the insides match the outsides.


A bit of art deco design in this one.

I love Ralph Steadman’s art. He’s been designing labels for this brewery for some time now.

This is a graphic artist’s dream label. Beautiful.

This just reminds me of Portland. Must be the chubby little deer.

I think this one kinda says it all. Barrel, hops, wheat, hot chick. Beer in a nutshell.











And I couldn’t get away with not including a fox.