Packing for a Music Festival

225“It’s summer-time and the living’s easy…” -Sublime

It’s that time of year for great music and camping. Music festivals often combine both of those things! Next weekend, I am off to Bengough, SK for the Gateway Festival. This is an awesome little place that somehow draws great Canadian acts every year. This year, I’m excited to see Sloan, Shotgun Jimmie, The Odds, Human Music, Del Barber, and more.

This is the third time I’m going to this festival and every time we go, we tent. So, I’ve gotten pretty good at anticipating what I might need in those few days. Below is a list of some of the things I bring, some expected… maybe others not so expected.


Things to Make-Shift Shower

Baby wipes – These are great from washing that fine layer of dust off you or even cooling off.

Dry shampoo – Helps to revive dirty or greasy hair, also gives you a lot of volume

Beach wave hair spray – Make it look like you’re going for the greasy, wavy look


Things for the Campsite

A conversation starter – Something weird that will make people stop and say “hi”. Might be flag, a giant game of Jenga, a dog. Our conversation starter is usually our teeny, tiny tents. This year… we have something new!

Earplugs and eye mask – When staying in party camping, it is bound to get loud and obnoxious at times. Since you’re living outside, you don’t really have curtains. If you plan to get any sleep, use these 2 things.

Something to mark your tent site – This is so you can tell people where to find you. Our site is the Flamingo site and the best parties are at the tall blue light site.

Things for Your Cooler

229Radlers – Good for camp breakfasts because they are fruity and sit around 2.5%.

Block ice – Keeps your drinks cold, takes forever to melt.


Things to Have ON You

TP – The port-a-potties are bound to run out. Toss a roll in your bag and bring it every time you go.

Condoms – Obviously for dirty festival sex… because let’s just face it…

Phone charger battery – My phone is always almost dead when I’m out in the middle of nowhere. This year, I’m bringing 2 portable phone chargers. These are great and I pretty much always have one on me.

Light on your key chain – It’s going to be dark wandering back to your campsite after your dirty festival sex or to the port-a-potty in the middle of the night. IMG_7495

Watch – Your phone will die. Just use a watch.

Bike bells – You will lose your friends. The bike bell is your common call to find each other.


Did I miss anything? What are your music festival essentials? 


Stumbled Across…

I stumbled across this song recently and it has been filling my apartment and my little heart with joy lately, which has been more than a sizable task these days. I’m dancing all through my apartment listening to this on repeat and thinking of those times when I’ve fallen totally head over heels for someone, whether it was a slow realization or I fell hard and fast. At some point it’s all feeling light headed, shy smiles, waiting to see them again, and, of course, butterflies

Musicians and Cats Being Sexy (or trying to be anyway)

Here’s a silly post as a prelude to a more serious one to come.

Men and their cats. Is there anything more sexy? Okay… there are many things more sexy. But this collection of musicians with their kitty cats still makes me feel all giddy and only some slight attraction.

jacksonThis was probably not that out of the ordinary for Michael.

mccartneyWhile doing this photo search, I came across a photo of every one of the Beatles with a cat.

morrisseyThere are so many photos of Morrissey with cats that there is an entire Tumblr devoted to it.

stewartRod Stewart. If you think he’s sexy when he’s singing, check him out naked, in bed, with a siamese cat. /Swoon

bowieAnd saving the best for last. I don’t know what or why this is happening… but I’m so glad it did.
Thanks Dave & Kitty Stardust, for all that you do.